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Corona del Mar really is the “Crown by the Sea”

Corona del Mar is a rather busy community. Living an active lifestyle including numerous opportunities for entertainment, dinner out and calming dinners in. Why not take advantage of so many interesting options?

Yep, lots of things to do in Corona del Mar.

Fifty-eight hundred households enjoying their life by the sea. But every now and then electricians, contractors, plumbers have to be contacted to repair or fine tune the details of living in such a nice community.

Since plumbing is usually a real time, critical event with in the home, it necessitates a trained professional to solve it quickly, once and for all. A homeowner may be able to turn off the water, but can he/she repair what is broken behind a wall? Solve a slow flowing drain? Install a water heater according municipal code that provides hot showers for years to come?

Equity Plumbing is an easy call away

Equity can help you by offering arrival times that work into your schedule.  Expert services include: 

No reason to scour the web for a plumber when posting the Equity Plumber phone number on the refrigerator, 949.288.5109 is an easy “go to”.  There may not be a reason to call now, but when situations arise, and everyone has to tackle plumbing, drain cleaning, new appliance hook ups some time, the number to call to solve it is right over on the fridge.  Which by the way, needs a water line for the ice-maker.  We can do that also.  When Troy and his team fix your plumbing crisis, his nick name will go from “Hometown Plumber” to “Hometown Hero”.   Stopping a burst pipe can be that unnerving.  

Go ahead now and put a note on the fridge: “Equity Plumbing 949.288.5109.  Local Plumbing Services”



Why work with Equity Plumbing?

  • Professionalism on every job.
  • Practical and affordable services.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Quality workmanship.
  • Commitment to safety.
  • Confidence and peace of mind every time.

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