Oh No! You just realized you have a nasty sewer problem in your home. It was slow yesterday and now even slower today.

We have to get this fixed and pronto!

Call Equity Plumbing right now: 949.288.5109.


This will resolve your problem once and for all.

Equity Plumbing has been solving challenges like this since the year 2002.  Whether it is a drain line in your floor, your sink or shower, your toilet, or even your garbage disposal, it’s no use getting clean water in if you can’t get it out.

Go ahead, call Equity Plumbing at 949.288.5109

Equity Plumbing can perform a camera/video inspection of your drain lines after we clear the blockage. This will help us and you realize what issues the drain line is experiencing so a repair is conducted prior to a more significant/hidden issue. Wisdom says solve it now before a failure initiates an extremely inconvenient emergency when you’re not looking.

Equity Plumbing offers drain cleaning services to keep you from experiencing such issues.

Thus…Do you need any of your drains cleaned?

If you’re suspect but not sure, there are warning signs that will help you determine.
Warning signs will include:

  • Leaks / flooding anywhere in your home (obviously)
  • “Gurgling” sounds coming from your sink or toilet
  • Slow draining in bathtubs, showers, sinks
  • Toilet emptying / flushing slowly
  • Basement or garage (slow or emitting foul odor)
  • And more….

If any of these situations sound familiar, it really is time to call Equity Plumbing at 949.288.5109. Interesting, drain problems never seem to go away by themselves.

We offer a variety of plumbing services, not only clearing the drains. We can fix the leaking kitchen hardware; Being the faucet, the drain pipe, the dishwasher supply or drain, the icemaker supply line if need be. We have the experience, the skillsets, the tools and supplies.

If you are suspect but not sure if a problem is building, schedule a visit from Equity Plumbing. Your homeowners/renter’s insurance may not cover the damage done resulting from a blocked drain or a water leak that is soon to be more

Equity Plumbing - Nearly twenty years’ experience of seeing and solving it all.

Because they are good, Troy and his team are busy….but not too busy to take care of you.
Call him now, solve it now.


Great service highly recommend
Troy was excellent ! He showed up on short notice and worked past regular business hours. His pricing was extremely reasonable - I highly recommend this company.

BiancaNewport Beach, CA

Trustworthy, professional
Troy has helped us out a few times, the latest was repairing a shoddy job done by our general contractor. Troy took care of replacing a pipe that should have been done and resealed the toilet. No more leaks! He is kind, responsive and professional!

CherieNewport Beach, CA

Troy was able to come fix the problem promptly. He was on time, did a great job, and was very polite and nice. His price was reasonable.

LiliaIrvine, CA

A++ Plumber and Person
Troy is the most honest, reliable, and professional service person I have ever encountered. From the moment I met him, I knew he was a very decent person and that I had made the right call. He has always been very clear about what he feels is the problem and what he will do to address it. He does so with incredible professionalism and care toward your home. Every time I have referred him to a friend they have thanked me and commented on how much they liked him. He is really a great guy and someone you can trust.

AndyNewport Beach, CA

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