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A kitchen sink is essential and needs to be kept clean at all times. At times when the kitchen sink clogs, it feels so helpless. That dirty water is coming out and flooding the house, dirty dishes everywhere it becomes so overwhelming.
The only thing we can think about at that very moment is to call a North Tustin drain cleaning service and ask for help. Reputable companies have professional drain cleaning services and have efficient plumbers who are great at their work and fix the clogged drain at home.
It is true it might take some time and a few pieces of equipment, but once somebody knows what to do and what to avoid, they will have a minimum chance of getting their drains clogged again. A clogging drain can have numerous causes like food remains, hair, dirt, and small objects. So here is an article that will help you know more about clogged drains and how to fix them.

What Causes Drains To Clog?

Food Particles Stuck in Drain
A clogged drain is a problem in every household. It starts from just a few foods remaining, getting stuck in the pipe and in no time becomes a huge problem. This general clogging of the drain will lead to many more stressful problems like prolonged water flushing, flooding and dirting of the house, corrosion, and these can finally cause a lot of money to get this problem solved.
So here are a few causes of clogged drains:

  • Food Remains: Food remains are the leading cause of any clogging drain. This is because the food particle gets stuck in the drain and stops the water flow. This generally happens with oils that harden and pills in the pipe, or it can also be coffee grounds and tea leaves as well that do not break down that easily, as a result, blocks the drain.
  • Dirt: We often wash freshly bought vegetables from the store or farm, and we wash them in the sink. The mud present in vegetables like spinach does not entirely go away from the drain and builds up. This causes the blockage of the drain as well.
  • Hair: Be it our bathroom sink or our kitchen sink, hair is a big problem when it comes to clogging of drains. Hair Fall is a big problem in the current date, and this hair gets stuck in the drains and stops water from flowing resulting in a clogged drain.
  • Mineral Buildup: Mineral buildup or water scaling can be a cause of clogging the drain. The water in few areas can have hard water or minerals that get dissolved in water. So these minerals that are dissolved in water can pile up in the drain and interrupt the flow of water. In this case, we need to keep descaling the drain or install water softeners.
  • Plant Roots: When the drainage pipes become old, they generally start having small cracks. These cracks initiate the growth of tiny plants. These plants grow and become big, and those roots interrupt and also stop the flow of water. This is one of the most common reasons for a clogging drain.

Steps To Clear a Clogged Drain

Professional Clogged Drain Services
Here are a few steps by which professional plumbers can clear a clogged drain:

  • Plunging can be very helpful for small clogs, so start with filling the sink with running water so they can plunge it. Now plunge aggressively.
  • If the plunging does not work, then use a wrench to open the tap of the sink.
  • Now empty the clogged water into any bucket and use a cable auger to remove all the clogs that stop the water flow.
  • If the cable auger is not enough and there is mineral build-up, consider using a hydro jet to pressure clean the clogs and loosen them. Now open the pipe and drain the loose clogs. Once the clogs and dirt are drained, clean the pipe before it can fit it again.

When using these types of equipment like the wench or the hydro-jet, it is crucial to be very careful and maintain safety. Make sure to wear safety gears like rubber gloves. When any electronic equipment needs to be switched on make sure not to touch the switches with wet or bare hands.
The cable auger is like a spoon by which they can take out the clog. Ensure that once they use this, the dirt taken out does not fall back inside the drain. Also, make sure to scoop out the dirt and clogging material thoroughly, and then if required, use the hydro jet to clean the drain further. It is crucial to use the hydro jet if they have water scaling or mineral build-up.
This is because the mineral build-up can only be clean with pressure washing to remove the scaling. Also, the grease and oil that gets deposited need to be cleaned by the hydro jet. So make sure that we clean the drain very carefully with the hydro-jet, and once they have pressure washed it, do not forget to open the pipe and drain it to remove the loosened clogs.
Final Words
We all agree that a drain would never clog if we are more careful in the first place. When we wash our dishes, all the remaining food particles go and get stuck in the drain. These keep piling up and end up clogging the drain. It is also essential to check the pipes once in a while. It may happen that the pipes have become too old and are having rust piled in them, which also end up causing a clog.
Also, when we try to fix a clogged drain for the first time, we must be cautious. This is because opening the drainage pipes can be easy, but fixing it again can be very difficult.

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