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Top-notch Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Service

Since 2002, Equity Plumbing has helped residents in and around Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, and Laguna Beach, CA, with plumbing services for new installation remodeling projects and replacement/upgrades on existing products. We understand the headaches that come from remodeling your home, which is why we provide hassle-free installation for a variety of products. Remodeling your home can increase the value of your home, but major changes call for help from a professional. Any changes that affect your plumbing need to be handled by someone with training, knowledge, and experience.

Equity Plumbing not only listens to your goals and concerns, but we also work diligently to make your dream a reality by communicating and ensuring your new installation works perfectly from the start. Whether you are looking for something new to go with a remodeling project or need to replace or upgrade, an existing product, we provide you with affordable plumbing services that meet your budget.

North Tustin Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Equity Plumbing

New Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Toilets and Faucet Installations

Equity Plumbing provides sinks, toilets and faucet installation services to homeowners around North Tustin and the surrounding areas. Our kitchen and bathroom installations and remodeling services will make your home run smoother and add resale value.

Remodeling your home entails installing new plumbing in your home sometimes, which can be stressful. You can rest easy when Equity Plumbing installs new pipes or insulation for your remodeling project. We treat every plumbing installation special and put our hearts into every job, which ensures our work is above reproach.

For your next remodeling project, choose Equity Plumbing for a hassle-free kitchen and bathroom renovation.

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North Tustin Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Equity Plumbing

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Toilets and Faucet Repairs and Replacements

If remodeling isn’t on your to-do list but you notice your current plumbing system or plumbing fixtures are outdated, replacing or upgrading them might be the solution. Different components, such as hookups, pipes, or drains, begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear. That doesn’t mean the entire product or system needs replacement; instead, replacing the worn components might buy you some extra time with the current product or system installed in your home.

Equity Plumbing offers upgrades for kitchens, bathrooms, pipes, and plumbing codes. Our plumbing experts will suggest the best option for your plumbing upgrades and replacements while keeping your budget in mind when achieving your plumbing goals. Every customer is given our performance and satisfaction guarantee for all our plumbing services, giving you the peace of mind, you deserve!

Equity Plumbing offers affordable and reliable plumbing services for all your installation and remodeling needs. Our plumbing professionals are skilled and knowledgeable about any replacement or upgrade service for your home plumbing, which means we get the job done right the first time. Call Equity Plumbing 949-288-5109 for residential plumbing services and emergency plumbing services if you live in or around Tustin, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, or Newport Coast in California.




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