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Equity Plumbing has been offering the highest level of plumbing services to residents of Newport Beach for decades. Over time, our family-owned plumbing company’s small size has grown from a single truck plumber to a full-service business. Something was constant over time. We have never forgotten the fundamentals and commitment to our clients that we demonstrated when Troy was a one-truck shop. We’ll continue to provide each client with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because that is the right way to go about it. We will never put our profits ahead of providing honest evaluations, full quotations, and fair pricing to our clients. These foundational principles have helped us establish ourselves as one the most trusted plumbers in Newport Beach. Integrity leads to satisfied “word of mouth” recommendations.

We understand that Newport Beach residents have come to rely on us and trust us when they have a time-critical problem, and we appreciate their confidence in us while receiving prompt resolution to their plumbing issue. Call (949) 288.5109 if you need help with a plumbing emergency or want to arrange routine service or maintenance for your home’s plumbing. An Equity Plumbing expert will be pleased to assist you, and we promise that you will be completely happy with every aspect of working with Equity Plumbing.

Give us a call today at (949) 288.5109 to schedule a free estimate for any plumbing service you may need at your Newport Beach home or business and expect fast, dedicated response times & quality service

  • Plumbing pipe repair, cleaning, replacement if needed.
  • Retrofitting
  • Drain cleaning, repair, clocked or broken
  • Water Heater repair, replacement or regular maintenance:
    • Electric, Gas or Tankless Water
  • Toilet / Sink / Faucet repair and clearing
  • Sewer inspection and proper attention
  • Leak Detection
  • Plumbing services for Installation and Remodeling
  • Maintenance Membership Plan available.

Water Heater Repair And Installation

Water Heaters provide us more than the comfort of warm baths or showers, the hot water they produce also assists us to sanitize our dishes, clean our clothes, and prepare our food. It’s a rather simple machine performing a simple process and does so for years. When it either diminishes its work or quits completely, finding someone to service it or possibly replacement becomes the day’s number one priority.

We don’t just install new water heaters at Equity Plumbing; we also assist you in selecting the right type and size for your property and family requirements. Did you know that there are many additional systems to choose from than a regular storage water heater?

So, it’s not just replacing with what you have currently, it may become replacing what you have with something different. Since new proven technology comes to market regularly, having a trusted plumbing professional introduce new options to you will come as a great eye-opening convenience.

Equity Plumbing services and/or replaces both tank and on-demand tankless water heaters. Along with these, you will have additional options of high-efficiency storage and solar heating. Working with electric, gas (natural and propane) units is of course in our repertoire. New water heaters are engineered for a ten to twenty-year lifecycle, any replacement today should last for a long time. Please note: everything Equity Plumbing serves or provides is 100% guaranteed. Call Equity Plumbing at 949.288.5109 and enjoy returning to a hot water supply today.

Newport Beach Clogged Drain Cleaning Service

Showering while standing in unclean water that won’t drain properly is nearly as unpleasant as taking a cold shower. This is an early indication of a blocked drain, and if you don’t get your drains cleaned by professionals at Equity Plumbing immediately, it will soon become much worse.

Disregard the harsh chemicals sold at the retail giant store, because they only clear a part of the problem if anything. Do you really want to handle materials with the word “acid” in them? Drain blockages are not all created equal, and only an expert can fully solve your problem. Equity Plumbing has experienced plumbers servicing your Newport Beach community that will visit and solve. Our plumber techs will ascertain the tool needed and apply such to the blocked pipe expertly. For many of our clients, our plumbing techniques are quite intriguing in how they solve the problem. We regularly hear, “I didn’t even know there was such a tool”. Big or small blockage, we know what we are doing and you should rest assured you will get your money’s worth.

When you call immediately after noticing a slow clearing drain, you will avoid standing in a shower of filthy water or even finding a backup of dirty water and sewage in your house when a clog develops into a full obstruction. Your drains, like all of the systems in your house, require some period upkeep and attention each year to avoid costly and inconvenient backups. To prevent the unpleasant surprise of a blocked drain, book an appointment with Equity Plumbing in Newport Beach to have your drains cleaned by a professional plumber.

Repairs & Replacements of Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are one of the most unpleasant household tasks, but they play an essential role. They carry all of your dirty water and waste to the city sewer main, as intended. However, if your sewage line is damaged, the wastewater is likely to accumulate in your home. This is not only a terrible sight, but it’s also a public health concern because of the human waste contaminants. Your answer to this disgusting problem, on the other hand, is to hire experts in sewer line repair from Equity Plumbing.

Our plumbers employ cutting-edge technologies to allow them to visually inspect your sewer lines with a tiny camera, revealing where the damage is and how far it has spread.

Sections of the pipe may settle and pull apart as a result of the freeze and thaw of the soil. Tree roots can grow around the pipe and cause it to shatter in other cases. When the tree roots have access to water and natural compost in sewage, they develop at a tremendous rate and breakthrough large sections of the sewage line.

We will give you an estimate for the repairs and an explanation of how we plan to complete the repair once we have identified the problem and the extent of the damage.

You may be shocked to find out that some repairs only necessitate a little amount of digging to repair big portions of a sewer pipe. These trenchless methods entail putting an additional pipe inside the old one without razing your entire yard. Not only is this quicker, but it’s also more cost-effective than traditional excavation methods.

To schedule an appointment with a sewer line repair specialist from Equity Plumbing call (949) 288.5109 today. Choose fast, honest, and professional service with a smile. Choose integrity, enthusiasm, experience, and professional plumbers in Newport Beach; choose Equity Plumbing.

Newport Beach Leak Detection Services

Don’t take a chance with your house or health. Sound amplification equipment is employed by our specialists to find the leak with state-of-the-art leak detection technology. We will not demolish your walls or floor unless this is the only way to access the leak and repair it. However, when compared to any mold removal procedures, the harm caused would be minimal. Make a call now, and you’ll know that any leak was taken care of by Equity Plumbing’s experts.

The most important thing to remember is that you must call right away if you detect a leak in or beneath your home. Water damage can be both costly and dangerous; however, when a leak is overlooked, it has the potential to create a health hazard.

Leak detection services are not something that most homeowners are familiar with, since they detect the leak and then contact a plumber. There are, however, some leaks that are far more delicate yet equally fatal. These are the pipelines within your walls, floors, or even beneath your house’s slab foundation that develop leaks. Your only indication of these subterranean water losses might be an inexplicable water statement.

However, the leak detection professionals at Equity Plumbing can not only explain the problem, but they may also find and repair it before it causes significant property damage.

Emergency Plumbing Service Available

If it weren’t for the fact that it was a serious problem, we wouldn’t refer to it as an emergency plumbing service. We have around the clock, around the year plumber service in Newport Beach because we realize that any water flowing into your house is an emergency. Our trained plumber will come equipped to find and repair leaks in a water pipe or gas line, unclog a clogged toilet, mend your water heater, or clear tree roots out of your sewage system to allow waste from your home to flow into the city sewer. It just takes the call (949) 288.5109

Business Owners and Managers Are Happy With Us as Well:

I had a business in Irvine and the business across the street recommended Equity Plumbing to me. I called them up, they came out and did work for me around my business. It was very professional and there was no issues with anything. They were all very good about keeping us informed​

Is your business in need of a reputable, quality experienced and fair priced professional to tend to your facility? Equity Plumbing is dedicated to your success by keeping your plumbing infrastructure up and operating. Because we are nimble in our scheduling and movement, businesses can rely on Equity Plumbing to arrive as per schedule.


Great service highly recommend
Troy was excellent ! He showed up on short notice and worked past regular business hours. His pricing was extremely reasonable - I highly recommend this company.

BiancaNewport Beach, CA

Trustworthy, professional
Troy has helped us out a few times, the latest was repairing a shoddy job done by our general contractor. Troy took care of replacing a pipe that should have been done and resealed the toilet. No more leaks! He is kind, responsive and professional!

CherieNewport Beach, CA

Troy was able to come fix the problem promptly. He was on time, did a great job, and was very polite and nice. His price was reasonable.

LiliaIrvine, CA

A++ Plumber and Person
Troy is the most honest, reliable, and professional service person I have ever encountered. From the moment I met him, I knew he was a very decent person and that I had made the right call. He has always been very clear about what he feels is the problem and what he will do to address it. He does so with incredible professionalism and care toward your home. Every time I have referred him to a friend they have thanked me and commented on how much they liked him. He is really a great guy and someone you can trust.

AndyNewport Beach, CA

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